Пресса / xHamster`s official statement

Our goal is to fight for the equality for everyone and we will stand our ground.

Everybody has a right to their own sexuality and xHamster is there to love and support people the way they are.

We know what it means to be hypocritically labelled by the society.

Some politicians won`t walk the walk they talk. All the fuss about moral values being destroyed by porn is ridiculous when checking the statistics on the porn consumption state-on-state, including North Carolina, Mississippi and Tennessee.

There are hypocrites who don`t practice what they preach. Respecting others sexuality may not come easy, but this is something we must all work together to address.

Porn can`t be blamed for everything, as well as the LGBT community.

This was the reason behind the access restriction to our website in the state of North Carolina.

Naturally, we are not aimed at banning the access to xHamster in North Carolinians for ever.

We blacked out the access to our website because we wanted to draw attention of millions of people to patterns of human rights violations, and we are glad that our voice has been heard across the globe.

Make love and watch porn!

Alexander D. Hawkins,

Chief Marketing Officer