Пресса / xHamster Saving A Seat for Lamar

Today, Lamar Odom announced he had quit porn and improved his relationship in and out of the bedroom.

Odom has previously claimed to have had sex with over two-thousand women, so we’re anxious to know what he’s learned.

With his announcement today, it has caught our attention once again – and we’ve got a perfect role and — the Director’s chair of the next xHamster feature!

"I’m glad Lamar is happy, and it’s time for him to share the wealth," said Alex Hawkins, VP of xHamster. "This is a man of tremendous sexual experience, and before he says “goodbye” to sites like xHamster, we’d love for him to pass along his wisdom. We have worldwide reach for his message of love!”

xHamster says it even has the perfect project — an upcoming fall production titled “Slammed, Dunked and Dribbling.”