Пресса / xHamster Continues Rebranding With SFW Cartoon

As millions of users have already noticed a new logo on porn giant xHamster.com, the company has continued its brand makeover by releasing a new SFW Cartoon called xHamsterLand.

xHamsterLand follows the company’s mascot xHamster as he checks in on the best hamster videos from around the web.

An eclectic mix of raw humor, pop culture, and raunchiness gives this new cartoon two paws up.

"We have been in the works on our rebranding strategy all year and xHamsterLand is the cornerstone of this crowdsourced makeover for one of the world’s biggest adult sites," said Alex Hawkins, spokesman for xHamster.com. "We know that our millions of daily visitors will enjoy xHamsterLand as much as we enjoyed writing it."

To view xHamsterLand, click here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4EFIvkIs3LkzlU6goiM7Ww